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May 2, 2009

New Positions and Update

I used to get on an airplane every Monday and fly to my work location, and then fly back on Friday. I had a lot of exposure to all sorts of people and frequently got ill. Now I work from home, thank God! This whole Swine Flu is getting too much exposure in my opinion. Hmm… Maybe I should start a blog on it?

So far this month my open positions are doing well – with 5 currently ITM and only 2 OTM.

Friday I took some of my cash and opened 2 new positions: one on Hologic, Inc (HOLX) and the other on (SOHU). Both will produce a fine return for 2 weeks of holding if they finish ITM on the 15th. My only concern is earnings on Monday for both of them, but they are currently showing some very good strength.

– Jeff

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” Stephen Leacock (1869 – 1944)


BTO Stock & Price

STO Option & Price

Option Exp/Strike

Cost Basis

ITM Return

Downside Protection


SOHU 56.31

UZKEK 4.00






HOLX 14.77

QHXEC 0.77






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