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April 23, 2009

Time to Start Shopping

I really hate earnings season for several reasons. First of all it plays havoc with prices and things get really crazy. Second, it prevents me from having open season on Covered Calls. I am averse to opening a new position with the company’s earnings announcement a few days or weeks away. That won’t stop me if many of the other criteria I use to enter a trade look good – but it sure makes me hesitate and think twice. Maybe that’s a good thing?

I spent part of yesterday prospecting for profitable positions. I can tell that volatility is beginning to drop (premiums are decreasing), and you can too by looking at the VIX (CBOE Market Volatility Index), which is currently at 38. Historically it has oscillated from 10 to 30 which generally speaking is an indication of a stable market and economy. Since September of last year, it has moved up and even peaked as high as 89 in October 2008. Of course this means huge premiums on options, but is also means huge risk on the underlying. Me? I prefer the VIX to hang out around 20-35 for the best balance of premium and risk, but you ultimately work with what you have rather than sit on the sidelines and wring your hands.

I have been surfing the Call Writer lists and found the greatest returns (and the greatest risk) on the stock in the Under $10 and $10-$20 lists. So here are some potential positions that I am considering right now – this is not investing advice 🙂

AKAM MAY 20 – relatively stable stock in a recent up-trend and wasn’t hurt too badly by the March bottom. Meets several entry criteria and earnings are 4/29. Nice return of 6.7% as of now.

GMXR May 10 – sort of a risky play but price is bouncing at support and Stochastic is heading up. Earnings are scheduled for 5/5 so I might put this on the shelf until then. Return 17.1%.

RVBD May 15 – I never heard of this company (you should check it out) and it is acting like a Dot Com type of play, so it’s purely speculative for me. This stock totally ignored the March bottom and is currently in a consolidation phase. Their earnings are scheduled for today, but I will not make any decision until tomorrow. This one should be very interesting to watch. Return 11%.

That’s the short list for now. I still have USO to think about, but I won’t make any decision now unless it makes a big move up.

I mentioned Apple Computer on the last post and it did report good earnings and is up nicely this morning – again.

I also mentioned that I was seriously thinking of moving my blog from Word Press Hosting to self hosted version. I have done some testing and it ‘seems’ simple enough. My concern is the URL change for the faithful. I think there are some workarounds for that and I will be checking them out.

Be patient and chose your plays wisely.

– Jeff

“Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand” Putt’s Law


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