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April 17, 2009

You’ve Been Assigned!

These are words that should be music to a Covered Call writer, but I had a situation this week where it was more like a very sour note – or chalk on the old chalkboard. Let me tell you about it.

Back in March I wrote a post titled “Confession – EXM“. I won’t recap that here except to say that I am seriously underwater on that stock. This month I had written APR 5.00 Calls against it even though my cost basis was over $10.00 on average. I also do not include it in any of my normal posts or open positions because it is not representative of the Covered Call method I use in my Trading Plan – sort of left over from a previous life. The problem is it is still part of my account and any activity related to it will affect my earnings.

Much to my dismay, EXM has been steadily increasing over the last few weeks and broke above 5.00 on 4/2. Now I have ‘heard’ that you are usually not called early unless there is an ex-dividend date coming up, or the Wall Street insiders know something. Since EXM suspended their dividend in January (it was a big reason for buying so much of this stock last year), I suspect (hope) that something good is going to happen.

On Monday, 4/13, I had a portion of my EXM Covered Calls assigned while the stock was priced around 6.80. This was a bit of a surprise for me and as a result I took a rather significant loss – to be posted for this month. I immediately began to fret over my remaining stash. Because of Implied Volatility on the options, rolling out to an MAY 5.00 would have actually resulted in a net debit (I will post more detail on IV as it relates to options this weekend). What to do? I considered all options and decided that I would buy back the rest of the short APR 5’s based on the bullish indications I was seeing in the options market (this, of course, is another hit to my accounts). That is all that I have to back up this decision, as there is no news (public, anyway) that indicates anything special is in the works for EXM.

As I write this post, EXM is up 4% for the day, and I hope it just keep going. I need it to pass 10.33 in order to start making up for the hit I took this month. It may take a while, but I need to be patient on this one. I took a beating and it will take time to heal.

I will post the results of April expiration on Monday – that is when I officially know exactly what happened with my positions.

– Jeff

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” James Joyce (1882 – 1941)


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